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    “I’m all about wearing what you want, when you want, and being a CONFIDENT CACHIA C…. cocktail lover.” - Sophie Cachia

     Welcome to CACHIA.
     (And, let’s all get it right from the start people…it’s pronounced “Kay-Sha”!)

     CACHIA was launched in 2017 by media personality and self-proclaimed legend Sophie Cachia.

    If you haven’t yet met her, then Ladies and Gents, here she is…

    Yo! Firstly, thank you for joining us. Can I get you a coffee? Tea? Ouzo?

    I’d like to welcome you to my latest love; CACHIA.
    A place where we know you’re not always going to be everybody’s cup of tea, and you shouldn’t have to be!

    The idea – one that’s taken three years to develop… pass that ouzo back now please - behind CACHIA stems from my mix ’n’ match bold fashion choices, as well as it being the epitome of my chaotic and (at times) very random lifestyle. 

    CACHIA will simply be random products that I love. 

    It is about creating items that simulate what us Cachia’s are about.

    The CACHIA brand is reflective of myself, but also a reflection of you - my online family. I’m very lucky to have such a loyal and engaged following, and I see this as a progression of our relationship together.

    Our relationship is important, you know – ours; you and I.

    Over the years, I have been educated greatly on the things that you want. And despite the fact I cannot convince Jaryd to allow me to upload nude strip tease videos to Instagram, my design process has allowed me to answer a need that I found existed.  

    With CACHIA, you’re invited into my closet, you’re invited into Bobby’s wardrobe, you’re invited into the bedroom with Jaryd & I (settle down tiger). Horrendous daggy mum jokes aside, CACHIA is just another way I’m opening my life to people who have supported me for so long.

    The Bobby + Floss brand will sit under our gigantic-super-sick umbrella that CACHIA is. This kids range is especially designed and curated for your delightful (and at times not so) little beings.

    There will be other mini-collections along the way – so please hang around. 

    And if you leave, I will find you. 

    Lastly, one big mother fucker of a shoutout to my incredible business partner, Leah Betts. Leah has had over 15 years experience in the fashion industry, specialising in manufacturing and distribution. Therefore, with her knowledge combined with my expertise in social media & marketing, we welcome you on the CACHIA journey… wherever it is that we go.