Last week we got to sit down with the gorgeous Alexandra Nation for a chat about her sleep routine. You may recognise her from The Bachelor a couple seasons back, or currently- Bachelor in Paradise. She is an amazing mother to Elijah, co-host on 'Jay, Fox & Alex' and knows how to kick a footy!

Do you have a regular sleep routine? If so, what consists of you preparing for a good night’s rest?

I always have a cup of tea before bed. My go-to tea has to be Mildura, extra strong...with 2 sugars!

How do you unwind before bed, do you have a favourite tea to drink or book to read?

I love watching Netflix documentaries.

What is your go-to night time product?

I use the DMK Skincare products, the cleanser is my fave.

Can you describe where you feel most in your element?

Definitely when i'm back at home on the farm, in my cowgirl boots, shorts and a flanny! 

What do you do when your mind races at night?

I’ve started meditating recently and love doing that before bed. I’m also currently reading Episode 8 by Megan Marx. I find that reading before bed helps me unwind and makes myself tired.

How do you switch off before bed?

With a glass of red wine in hand and reading my fave book!

Left to right: Alex is pictured in the Zoe Slouch PJ, Katie Robe, Amy Button Up PJ & Zoe Slouch PJ

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