Here at the Cachia HQ, we were lucky enough to get to sit down to Tess Holmes and chat all things beauty and sleep related. Tess has over 6 + years experience as a makeup artist, and has extensive experience in bridal, fashion, advertising, special occasion, photo-shoots and day/ night professional makeup. So who better to ask about her night time routine!

What is your favourite night time product?

"I love my Botanicals by Luxe products. I use their cleanser, hyaluronic serum and eye cream every night!"

Where do you feel most in your element?

With a makeup brush and high pressure environments.

Coffee or Tea?

English breakfast + green tea! I gave up coffee 3 months ago and going strong!

Greatest moment as a mum?

Everyday I get through is a great moment for me, watching my little girl grow and getting to do my dream career as well.
Left to Right: Tess wears the Amy Button Up PJ, Zoe Slouch PJ, Amy Button Up & Amy Button Up with the Katie Robe

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