The Benefits of Cotton

Cotton is one of the oldest known fibres, dating back to 7000 years since its first cultivation. This makes it one of the oldest known fibres that have carried its legacy through centuries, and to this day, remains to be one of the most popular fibres used in the world.

But why?

If you think about it, the versatility of cotton is almost endless. Your jeans are made from the same fibre as your T-shirt, how crazy is that? Different weaves create different fabrication weights and textures, all of which come in handy for different use. And no it’s not only used for clothing… your chair upholstery could be cotton, but books may also be bound with cotton, the fish you’re eating for dinner may have been caught with a cotton net! It’s safe to say cotton has certain importance within many industries.

But yes… The clothing industry is where it holds its greatest value and here are some reasons why:

It’s hypoallergenic!

When cotton is made there are typically no harsh chemicals applied throughout the manufacturing process. This means it’s less likely to cause a reaction in people with chemical sensitivities.

It’s sustainable!

In comparison to synthetic polyesters, rayons, and bamboo, cotton has the advantage of being a completely natural product meaning it is 100% biodegradable. It can be disposed of without the concern of creating a toxic landfill that would be hazardous to plants and wildlife. Its durability contributes to a longer life of the product eliminating the need to constantly be replaced.

It’s durable!

With cotton having a high tensile strength it means it is less likely to rip or tear than many other fabrics. Cotton becomes stronger when wet and can withstand many washes in hot water, although shrinkage must be considered.

Last but not least……

It’s comfortable!!

Cotton is made up of fibres that are finer than synthetic fibres. This gives it its soft feel in comparison. It also is unable to hold an electric charge like synthetic fabrics, meaning your clothes won’t stick to you or themselves.

Not only does cotton hold moisture a lot more than synthetic fabrics, but it also draws moisture away from the body. Once absorbed it begins to evaporate from the fabric itself. Allowing your skin to breathe without trapping heat between your body and the garment.

Do you see why we love cotton?


A cotton blend is typically thin and light, which may make you think it’s not as good as 100% cotton however its benefits include an increased textile strength than cotton alone. Other main benefits include ease of wear and easy maintenance.

Following fleece, French Terry is a higher-quality fabrication made from 100% cotton. It’s breathable, soft, and low maintenance to care for. A benefit to this fabric is that it’ll release odors more easily than others, hence, your clothes cling to smells like a synthetic fabric may.

We’ve been over the long list of benefits of cotton but what about elastane? Durability… check! Elastane is resistant to wear and tear, lasting 2x longer than a fabrication that doesn’t contain it. It also retains colour extremely well and has a high colour persistence therefore doesn’t fade in sunlight, lose colour in the wash, etc.

Yes viscose is a synthetic fibre however of all the synthetic fibres, this fabrication mirrors cotton the most. With its breathability, lifespan, absorbency, and lightweight, It’s a great, if not better alternative for activewear to 100% cotton.

Besides being great on the eye, our waffle fabric comes with pros! Waffle fabric is well known for its great breathability, this is due to the surface area of the fabric that the waffle weave creates. This is why it's used predominantly for towels and robes as a result. Even if a waffle fabricated garment is tight fitting, the absorbency and airflow keep you cool even in the summer months.

The differences between said fabrics are extensive. All fabrics we use are carefully picked to perform the best for the particular garment it was chosen for. We pride ourselves on creating durable garments, provide longevity and practicality.
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