Top 5 Pj's For WFH

Over the past year, a lot of us have been taking those sweat pants and PJs for granted, just a little too much. So what happens when you have worn those button ups to the point of no return? The WFH lifestyle is causing our professional wardrobes to shrink as the need for tight jeans, pencil skirts and pantyhose dwindle (woohoo!). Although some of us are tip toeing back into office life, many are continuing to work from home permanently. So what are the go-to's for achieving comfort and style on the couch? The CACHIA team are here to help, time for a fresh set of cosy’s that will help you ace your day in style.


We can’t stress this enough…everybody needs a Harrie in their life! It's comfy, versatile, and perfect for zoom calls! (No one will know) You can also go on your daily walk without anyone suspecting a thing. 
When it’s too cold to make that transition from warm PJs into waist-up appropriate outfit, Kristina's your girl! The relaxed-fit woven pants will keep you toasty all day, paired with our casual jersey top. This is the perfect basic to nail those Zoom calls in style.
Ashy Star 
Think of the Ashy Star as a big cosy hug for the colder days to keep you snuggly! Featuring our signature soft cotton waffle knit, this CACHIA classic is a must for your WFH wardrobe, you’ll be rooting for this one long after the return to the office.
The best PJ to bring that pop of colour on those cloudy days! It is important to express your style even from the comfort of your own home and this is the perfect set to start. You’ll never have a bad day when you’ve got our Eva on! 
Bring on the coordination with a matching set! Our Cassie is made from a soft, lightweight French terry, you’ll be cruising through your day (or week) in this winner.
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