2022 Wrap Up!

This year has been a huge one! Let's check out some of our favourite highlights from 2022...
We launched our very first activewear collection in Feb 2022 – the launch exceeded our expectations so we have been developing a new active range all year which will be coming early 2023. New fabrics, new styles, new active by CACHIA.
This year we were blown away with the love for our themed ranges – Easter, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Halloween & Christmas. Next year we will be bringing you BIGGER collections with more options.
This year we introduced MEGA BLANKETS to keep you warm in winter! The best blanket for your couch, bed, camping, trips away and so much more. When we create products we aim to perfect them and these blankets are just incredible! Stay tuned for more colours in 2023. 
We heard you. We launched 2 robes this year and you all LOVED them! We have more robes coming in more colours for 2023.
We finally launched accessories! Based on what you’ve been asking for and items we think everyone needs – A toiletry bag, scrunchies, 3 Pack travel bags, Cachia essentials bag, a cap, a beanie. We pride ourselves on making quality items that are made to last.
CACHIA turned 5!
What a milestone, this year we turned 5 years old and wow what an amazing journey it’s been. We have SO MUCH planned for the next 5 years.
We can't thank you all enough for your support throughout the year and bring on an even BIGGER 2023!
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