A Guide to Layering in Australia's Winter

 It's important when layering for warmth to start with a base layer that fits snug (but not tight) to your skin. Our Feel Good singlet has the perfect supportive fit & features a built in shelf bra for extra comfort... score!
 Chose a middle later that keeps you warm! The middle layer helps trap body heat from escaping. Our Megsy, Erin & Caitlin sets are made from luxe heavy fabrics that will help insulate you. Our Harrie 3.0 is on the lighter side if you overheat quicker. You can check them all out here
Seal it all together with a final outer layer to keep the other layers dry and protected. Our Hudson Hood is roomy enough to fit the other layers underneath it and it's length also gives your legs some extra protection as well. 
Finish it off by protecting your head & ears from the wind with our Black Beanie and that's it! Consider yourself officially protected from those icy winter chills.
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