Entertain the Kids these School Holidays

We know how challenging it can be keeping the kids entertained during the school holidays. Not to worry – we’ve got you covered! See how top 10 at-home activities that are sure to keep your little ones occupied!

1 – Movie Marathon

Grab your cosiest blankets and gather on the couch for a family movie night! Indulge in some home-made popcorn, as well as some of your other favourite snacks. And the best part – this is an activity you can enjoy in your pjs!
Tip: Need movie recommendations? Check out our Cachia Club Instagram page for must-watch movies suggested by our community! View the list on our story highlights.

2 – Build a fort

Perfect for rainy days! Empty the linen cupboard and let the kids unleash their creativity by building their own cubby house. Hours of fun guaranteed!

3 – Floral Sun Catchers!

Send the kids outside to gather some flowers and leaves. All you need is clear contact paper and string! Cut a section of contact paper, peel off half the backing, and let the kids decorate. Once done, trim a 20cm of string. Form a loop at the top, and seal with the remaining contact paper. Hang near a window to catch the light!
Tip: Remind kids to leave a 5cm boarder for secure sealing

4 – Family Bike ride

Get everyone outside with a family bike ride! Explore the neighbourhood together and teach the kids about road safety.

5 – Bake kid-friendly snacks!

Bring the kids into the kitchen to bake delicious treats together! Not only will this keep them entertained, but you’ll also stock up the pantry on healthy homemade goodies!

6 - Board Games

Pull out your favourite board games or puzzles and enjoy some friendly competition! (Maybe skip Monopoly!!)

7 – Indoor Picnic

Switch up mealtime with an indoor picnic! Grab blankets and cushions, and enjoy picnic-style foods in the comfort of your home.

8 – Family Talent Show

Organise a talent show to let everyone showcase they’re special skills! Whether its singing, dancing, magic tricks or playing an instrument, it’s a great way to encourage the kids to support and uplift one another!

9 – Scavenger hunt

There is nothing like the excitement and adrenaline of a scavenger hunt! Leave clues around the house for the kids to solve, leading them to an epic prize! Some prize suggestions include a sweet treat, new toys or a clue for a surprise activity!

10 – Family time Capsule

Create a time capsule together filled with photos, letters, drawings and small items that represent your family. Bury it somewhere in your backyard or store it some place safe to look back on in the future!

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