Here's why you need a Velour Tracksuit set

A staple that just keeps coming back! Velour is an incredibly soft, plush textile which is very similar to velvet. Known for its soft feel and extreme comfort. It's a fabric that just keeps coming back in fashion. 
The velour trend took off in the 1970's and regained popularity in the late 1990's & early 2000's. There wasn't a celebrity you didn't see in a velour tracksuit set. Black, pink, green or blue often embellished with rhinestones, they were seen everywhere (including events like the red carpet). 
Fast forward somewhat 20 years and velour is BACK! Celebrities are being seen back in velour tracksuits, big name brands are jumping on the trend and consumers are on the search for comfy loungewear. Google trends has shown the increase in traffic over the past few years for the search term 'velour tracksuit' which shows the trend is back on the rise. 
Similar to denim jackets, corduroy pants, low rise pants, flared pants, 70's floral - these trends just keep making a return. It's known that fashion repeats itself every 20 years so why not save yourself some money and stock up on trends that are in fashion now and predicted to return. 
If theres something that CACHIA knows best - it's comfort. We source the best fabrics with a focus on perfecting styles, cuts, details, colours and finishes. Our aim is to keep you comfy at the lowest possible price and this is no different for our newest arrival CAITLIN. The blackest black, softest velour and perfect fit. Both the jumper and pant as a set are only $89.95. Stay on trend with our Caitlin set. Shop our women's tracksuit sets here.

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