5 ways to style a Ponte Pant

Before we show you how you can style our Ponte Pant, let's start with the basics! What is a Ponte Pant? Ponte Pants are often referred to as a hybrid legging. A mix between a legging, jean and slacks. They are like a legging but thicker, like a jean but comfier and like slacks but more fitted. What is the fabric like? Ponte is a thick double knit fabric with a two way stretch. It is heavier than regular jersey and is known to pull you in all the right places. Think warmth, soft & lots of stretch! Are Ponte Pants comfy? Is the sky blue? Ponte Pants are the definition of comfy. The fabric is sturdy but also manages to be soft like butter known mould to your body-shape and hold you in at the same time. Now finally, how can we style a Ponte Pant? 


1. Work Pants (finally, we can wear CACHIA to work!) 
Ponte Pants make the perfect work essential from Autumn through to Spring. We like to think of them as an illusion, giving you a super smart-casual look but feeling like a dream. All you need to do is pair the Ponte with a basic top or shirt and if it's extra cold add a coat or blazer on top! Finish the look with boots, heels or your favourite sneaker - add a bag and you're good to go! 


2.  Dinner (did someone say dinner date?) 
Don't want to get too dressed up but also wanting to look nice? Our Ponte Pant will be your best friend for all your dinner occasions this winter! 

3. 'Smart-Casual' (the worlds worst dress code) 
You know the fear of seeing 'smart-casual' as a dress code? Not wanting to over dress but knowing you can't dress up a casual look? Those days are over with our Ponte Pant.

4. School Run (Less stress on your busy mornings) 
Look put together with our Ponte Pant. Pair with sneakers, a casual tee and a puffer and you're good to go!

5. Drinks (Who doesn't love a comfy night out?!)
Look dressy while being COMFY! A flattering black pant that you can pair with any cute top and shoe! 


There are SO many options when it comes to styling a Ponte Pant. A basic that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Shop our Ponte here. 

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