Last week, the Cachia team were lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Amelia Lamont, from @themidwifemumma. Amelia is a midwife, baby sleep consultant and mumma!

 Do you have a regular sleep routine? If so, what consists of you preparing for a good night’s rest?

To prepare for a good night's sleep, i love coming home, putting my jammies on ASAP (bra off, of course) and hair in a mum bun. I’m a bit of an over-thinker, so I usually take some sleep vitamins before going to bed, which is usually around 11-11:30pm. 

How do you unwind before bed, do you have a favourite tea to drink or book to read?

To fully unwind, i love drinking the Mama Body Sleep tea. Since my business is instagram/ social media, it runs 24/7, so whatever I can do to get a good night's rest (apart from taking sleep tablets), I will definitely give a try!

What is your go-to night time product?

I don’t really have a specific night time product, however i do a good clay mask, especially the one from the Body Shop. I usually do it around 3 times a week and it helps open up my pores and gives me a fresh feeling before bed.

Can you describe where you feel most in your element?

I’m a real homebody, so i’m very much in my element when i’m at home with the kids, cooking our favourite meal. Right now, our household fave dish would be lasagna- yum!

What do you do when your mind races at night?

When my mind races at night, i love drinking some sleepy tea + vitamins. Also having a quick debrief with my partner at the end of the night always helps.

Do you meditate before bed? Or have you tried to listen to sleep apps?

I’m not really into sleep apps, however i do love a good meditation! For me personally, i think meditating during the morning is more effective for me.

How do you switch off before bed?

I usually put on a Netflix show and then zone off for the day (with a cup of tea in hand!
From Left to Right: Amelia is wearing the Amy Button Up PJ, Katie Robe, Amy Button Up PJ & Zoe Slouch PJ

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