You may recognise Sarita from ‘The Price is Right’ or perhaps as the wife of former footy superstar Brodie Holland, but Sarita Stella-Holland has built a loyal and engaged social media audience from her candid insights into every day life as a model and Mum.

Do you have a regular sleep routine? If so, what consists of you preparing for a good night’s rest?

After having three children in 10 months (yep- that’s three 8 year olds right now), I didn't get any sleep for the first 3.5 years. Having a ‘routine’ was sometimes too much pressure, and with so many kids around, especially so young, sometimes routines just don’t work for us!

How do you unwind before bed, do you have a favourite tea to drink or book to read?

I love drinking a calming tea, with a splash of soy milk. However, I've never really had a problem sleeping (honestly, I could fall asleep on concrete!). Since my kids go to bed really late, they’re all complete night owls, so the only way i love unwinding is sitting on the couch with my hubby and scrolling through!

What is your go-to night time product?

I’m super low maintenance! I’ve got every single night cream ever, except i always forget to use them. The only thing i probably do is freaking out in the middle of the night when I forget to put my fake tan on haha! So that would probably be my go-to night time product, especially when I've got a shoot on the next day.

Can you describe where you feel most in your element?

I'm definitely most in my element when i'm with my kids, in my cozy PJs, no makeup and feeling super fresh (especially when there’s no hangover involved!). There’s nothing better than being surrounded by your kids laughing and just being silly together.

What do you do when your mind races at night?

I wouldn’t say i'm an anxious person, I'm a pretty sound sleeper at night. However, sometimes I do kick my hubby occasionally to remind him to pay any bills we have haha.

How do you switch off before bed?

I'm definitely on my phone a little too much before bed, as it’s the only time I get to relax and catch up on instagram/ pay bills! As soon as my phone is off and i'm tucked into bed, I'm good to go!

Left to right: Sarita is wearing the Amy Button Up PJ, Katie Robe, Amy Button Up PJ & Katie Robe

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