Introducing Aquarius Season With Our New Zodiac Collection

Attention Aquarians! Brace yourself for a celestial journey with CACHIA's Zodiac pyjama collection tailored exclusively for the Aquarius season. This opulent ensemble seamlessly merges comfort, style, and the cosmic influence, empowering you to fully embrace your Aquarius qualities, even during moments of relaxation. It's the ideal way to honour your innovative and free-spirited nature.
Within the Aquarius collection, discover a carefully chosen array of wardrobe essentials that effortlessly combine comfort and style. Unveiling an eye-catching oversized t-shirt with a distinctive front print, comfortably tailored cuffed pants, leisure-friendly high-waisted shorts, a reusable cotton drawstring pouch to store your set in, and an exclusive postcard featuring personalised Aquarius traits to add a unique touch to your ensemble.

Aquarius Essence in Every Aspect

This collection has been meticulously curated to embody the essential qualities of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Drawing inspiration from Aquarius, the unique print forms a captivating pattern that mirrors your innovative and free-spirited nature. Every detail of this ensemble has been carefully harmonised with Aquarius' characteristics, from the choice of colours to the symbolism, ensuring a profound connection with the essence of your zodiac sign.

Suitable for Every Season

Emphasised by its oversized sized t-shirt, the entirety of this collection is crafted from 100% soft, breathable cotton, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort. Designed for a snug yet relaxed fit, it's tailored to assist you in completely unwinding after a challenging day.

An Enchanting Illusion: Cleanse & Co Crystal Candle

To enhance your Aquarius journey, we've partnered with our beloved candle brand, Cleanse & Co to craft a crystal-infused scented candle that draws inspiration from all aspects of the Scorpio zodiac!
Create a space of vibrational solace and intention with properties of the Aquamarine crystal. Nested in a blend of creamy, vegan-friendly soy and coconut wax, infused with Cleanse & Co's signature Pistachio & Vanilla scent, this statement candle is the perfect addition to your space and self-care ritual. 

The Complete Gift

Moreover, the collection includes a reusable drawstring pouch, offering a practical way to keep your Aquarius-inspired pyjamas and essential items neatly together. Additionally, an Aquarius-themed trait card is included, making this ensemble an excellent gift for either yourself or a fellow Aquarius.

Our Aquarius collection seamlessly integrates comfort, style, and astrological influence. Opt for the inclusion of a Cleanse & Co crystal-infused scented candle, and get ready to enhance your relaxation experience while creating a sacred environment to nurture your inner innovation and ambition.

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