Lights Out, Pyjamas On: Cachia's Epic Movie Night

CACHIA's Barbie Movie Night

Imagine a night where the iconic Barbie dolls of the past grace the silver screen, and customers are transported back to their fondest memories. At CACHIA's Barbie Movie Night, we didn't just host an event – we created an experience that blended the magic of the past with the comforts of the present.
All proceeds were donated to The Pyjama Foundation, providing children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills and confidence.
Pyjamas were the dress code of choice, as our guests donned their finest CACHIA sleepwear, embracing both fashion and cosiness. But that was just the beginning.
As the lights dimmed and the projector whirred to life, we embarked on a cinematic journey with Barbie. And that's not all – the night unfolded with an exclusive live Q&A session featuring the founders of CACHIA, giving attendees a behind-the-scenes peek into the brand's inspiration and aspirations.

Amidst laughter, shared memories, and newfound connections, we nibbled on cinema snacks, fostering a sense of our amazing CACHIA Club Community. Join us in this blog post as we take you through the enchanting highlights of CACHIA's Barbie Movie Night – a celebration of togetherness, childhood wonder, and the timeless charm of Barbie.

Hostess with the Mostest!


We were lucky enough to have the hilarious Tommy join us from Party Chats!
Tommy got to chat with some of our amazing customers and received some fantastic feedback about our products and community.
He even got chatting to one of our lovely customers who told him she owned 40+ pairs. We were blown away!
He brought an amazing energy and nailed the dress-code! How great does Frankie look on him?

Live Q&A with the Amazing CACHIA Founders, Leah & Sophie!

Our wonderful CACHIA community was treated to a live Q&A with our amazing founders, Leah and Sophie!
Leah and Sophie dove into the behind the scenes of the business and dropped some pretty exciting hints. 
Customers were able to ask them questions and really got to understand what goes on in the wonderful world of CACHIA!

The Goodie Bags & Treats!

We wanted to give back to our beautiful community by providing them with our newest addition - The Gift Bag. Inside the Gift Bag, we included one of our Insulated Water Bottles and a very special discount code.

A lucky winner from each row scored a $100 gift voucher! One person got the golden ticket - a $500 voucher, how exciting is that?

A person from each row also had the pleasure of taking one of our popular Gigi Jumbo Blankets home.

Everyone was treated to a choc top, popcorn and soft drink. The perfect movie snack combination!
There was a bar available too - some of us got to enjoy a cheeky Thursday drink!

The Barbie Movie

Once we were all settled in and had a few laughs in the live Q&A, it was time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Barbie Movie!
We thought it was a funny movie, and how amazing does Barbie Land look on the big screen!?

Our Incredible CACHIA Community!

We provided some fun polaroid style CACHIA cutouts - and they were a hit! Enjoy the photo's below. Can you spot yourself or some friends?

Join our CACHIA Club Community here.

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