1. What time do you wake up in the morning?

SOPHIE CACHIA: I am a sleepy head so mornings are not my thing (and my daughter has seriously inherited this trait!). I am up anywhere between 7-8 on a school morning or 9ish on a weekend.
2. Do you set an alarm in the morning? 
LEAH BETTS: Not usually but if I am super tired I will.
SOPHIE CACHIA: Yes. A must. Otherwise god only knows when I’ll wake!
3. What is the very first thing you do after you wake up?
LEAH BETTS: Get dressed, give my 9 month old a bottle, jump in the car, listen to an audio and then meet my mother for a walk where we talk about business and life.
SOPHIE CACHIA: Always a ‘good morning snuggle’ with my kids as they are usually in my bed or they’ve crept in for a cuddle.
4. Do you make your bed?
SOPHIE CACHIA: Yes! Makes my room feel tidy before the day begins.
5. What do you usually eat and drink for breakfast?
LEAH BETTS: A fruit smoothie.
SOPHIE CACHIA: I am usually not too hungry as soon as I wake so my go-to would be a large almond latte and a home-made smoothie.
6. Do you exercise in the morning? If so, what do you do?
LEAH BETTS: Walk every morning 4-10kms and go gym at night after kids are in bed.
SOPHIE CACHIA: I’ve began this year by walking my kids to school every morning which is 15 minutes each way so a 30 minute walk with the dogs starts my day off.


7. Are you a coffee drinker? What’s your go-to order?

LEAH BETTS: Don’t drink coffee, only coke zero.
SOPHIE CACHIA: Large almond latte. I’ll add a dash of caramel syrup if I feel like I need an extra pick-me-up with a sugar hit.
8. What’s your most common OOTD?
LEAH BETTS: All black, with sneakers, leggings and black layered tops.
SOPHIE CACHIA: Activewear. Simple. Easy. Comfy. My day always starts with getting kids ready for school so I have to be able to jump out of bed and get straight into the day. 
9. How do you spend your mornings on the weekend?
LEAH BETTS: Same as week days unless I drank too much the night before! I try and walk more km’s than weekdays. 
SOPHIE CACHIA: With a 6 year old & 8 year old my weeks are filled with sports so there isn’t much time for lazing around. Saturdays is always straight off to dancing & basketball followed by a family breakfast date at a café. Sundays are usually my ‘slow’ day where everyone is free to chill out on their own in bed for as long as they like.
10. What’s one thing in your morning routine that you cant start your day without? 
LEAH BETTS: I journal every morning when I get into the office. This really important for my mindset. 
SOPHIE CACHIA: Moisturiser on my face!


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