Seven Years of Cachia

2016 – Our Co-Founders Sophie and Leah met for a coffee to discuss plans for a potential brand together. The idea for Cachia was born.


APRIL 2017 – The first Cachia product launched was the #BeYou T-shirt, along with a few other items that Sophie loved. This included Kaftans and Black Drape Pants (that eventually evolved into our beloved Harrie set). Cachia also released some kid’s clothing items that were inspired by Sophie’s children. These were a Hat and Rash Vest for summer!


JUNE 2017 – Sophie and Leah released their first pyjama, the Gigi Set. This pyjama set sold exceptionally well, indicating that the world of sleepwear was destined to be Cachia’s niche. And yes, this is the same Gigi set that we still stock to this very day!


NOVEMBER 2017 – the best-selling Gigi was released in a short set for summer. We still stock this style today, however it now goes by the name ‘Halle’.


GIGI EVOLUTION – Our wonderful Gigi print has remained a popular design throughout the years. Would you believe we have featured this print on over 30 different products! Some of these include our Robe, Jumbo Blanket, Water bottle, Cachia Cap, and many different pyjama sets for the whole family!


Shop the Gigi range here 

COVID 2020-2021 – Like all other small businesses, covid was a very surreal time for Cachia. With everyone working from home, we were incredibly fortunate to see our stock flying out the door quicker than we could even unpack it! We worked around the clock to ensure our customers could remain cosy and safe at home.


A big adjustment for the team was the inability to capture the website imagery for our styles, as a result of Melbourne’s long lockdowns. All our imagery during that time came from our wonderful collaborators who set up their own photo shoots at home. This allowed us to continue showing our new arrivals on our website!


February 2022 – Cachia launched its very first active wear collection. This collection was such a success that in 2023 another range of active wear was launched featuring our famous Gigi print!


2023 – With our Cachia community growing, we were so excited to introduce our Sleep Club Rewards Program! This was also the year that Cachia held it’s first community event! A movie night to see the highly anticipated Barbie Movie. 2023 also saw us expanding our women’s size range (sizes 22, 24, 26) as well as additional kid’s sizes for our holiday collections (sizes 12, 14).


Zodiac Collection – in July 2023 our much-loved Zodiac Range launched. We created a bundle of cosy goodness for each star sign, releasing them at the beginning of their designated seasons. First up was Leo! Our Zodiac bundles were so adored that we added an additional summer collection!


Cachia has been so fortunate to build an incredible community of loyal customers over the last seven years. Whether you’ve been here since the very beginning, or you have joined our journey along the way, we are so grateful for each and every one of our supporters. It brings us great pleasure to provide you with comfy sleepwear that ensures a terrific night’s sleep every night. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

Thank you for celebrating our 7th Birthday with us. We look forward to bringing you many more cosy nights in the future!

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