5 Simple Self-Care Tips You Can Do From Home

  1. Mute your phone. Turning your phone on aeroplane mode for a few hours can help productivity and present awareness. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done with a clear mind.


  1. Invest in some good PJs. Nothing’s better than having a cosy set of PJs to unwind in after a long day. Our waffle sets are a best seller to be comfy and cosy in.


  1. Journalling. Making the time to self-reflect is a great way to clear your mind and prioritise problems. Try writing down 5 things about your life that make you smile and 5 goals for the week.


  1. Call a friend. A short call to a friend helps put your struggles in perspective and realign your thoughts. Plus, you’ll be making someone else’s day with a small but valuable catch up.


  1. Have a dance party for 1. Turn that speaker up and let loose! Playing some feelgood tunes can really turn your mindset around in a few minutes, not to mention it’s a great way to improve fitness and reduce stress.
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