The History of the HARRIE set

Harrie was our very first loungewear set at CACHIA. Introduced as sleepwear that can be transformed into loungewear - perfect for school drop offs (because who wants to get changed just to drive your kids to school?!), coffee with the girls or just lounging around in ULTIMATE comfort. 

We developed the Harrie for over 1 year before the release. We wanted to PERFECT it. Anyone who owns a Harrie set understands the comfort of the material and fit. 

Our first drop of the Harrie was both a success and disaster. It was a success because you all LOVED it, but a disaster because we sold out in a record 1-2 minutes. We immediately organised a restock with a much larger quantity ordered. To our surprise, we sold out again. 

We have now launched our Harrie 10 times including our Airforce Blue Harrie & Grey Harrie short sleeve. 

Our Harrie set remains our number one best seller with the highest customer return rate and over 1000+ online reviews.  


Our Harrie set is probably the most popular set in our office too! At least one employee each day is wearing the Harrie top paired with jeans, leggings or the matching pant. 

We've seen customers wear the Harries as PJ's, loungewear and even dress it up (and wow does it look good!).

It's fair to say that our Harrie set has become a CACHIA staple and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. 



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